Kamp Registration Is Open!

This is the 2020 registration page. Go to the 2021 Registration page here.

Families may register for our premiere Kemet Nubia Kamp session by clicking EventChain. We will conduct 10 live stream sessions per age group (Elementary and Secondary). Students also will have access to an online classroom with a self-paced lesson plans in case they cannot attend the live stream sessions or if they wish to revisit the live stream session for reinforcement. Additionally, the online classroom will contain added resources to help students expand their knowledge base beyond the academic sessions.

Ancient Egyptian Themed Summer Camp – 2020 Is Open

Kemet Nubia Kamp will run from July 27, 2020 – August 7, 2020. There will be 10 classes (covering 10 topics) per age group. There are two age groups; K-5th Grade (Elementary) and 6th-12th Grade (Secondary). Kemet Nubia Kamp will provide an introduction to the histories of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and Nubia (Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sudan) from an African-centered perspective. Our lessons will give insight into these Nile Valley Civilizations by showcasing artifacts and making connections to African ethnic group lifestyles and practices today. Families are encouraged sessions with their children.

Some class topics include:

  • Food & Festivals
  • Script Identification & Writing
  • Sports & Games
  • Architecture & Math
  • Clothing & Jewelry
Registration purchases for Kemet Nubia Kamp can be made at EventChain.

The registration fee is USD $55* per family. Each registration is for one family and includes two live-stream connections to either of the two age groups or a split between the age groups with one live-stream access for elementary and a second for secondary. The package also includes access of up to 5 email addresses per family into the online classroom.

Click to register for Kemet Nubia Kamp at EventChain.

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*Transaction fees not included. Space is limited. No refunds.